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  • What is BitCask?
    BitCask is a whisky platform that allows users to buy and sell shares in whisky casks rather than purchase an entire cask outright. Users are free to do this for investment purposes or for the end goal of bottling
  • Why purchase whisky?
    A number of reasons, really. Some like asset-backed investment as a safer bet to stocks and shares as your asset can't go bust. Steady historical gains make whisky investment an appealing source of alternative investment that far outstrip typical savings accounts. Others purchase for the romance of owning your own whisky. Whether you're an investor, hobbyist or just a bit curious, there's something for everyone.
  • Is BitCask available to download?
    Not right now. We are currently Beta testing our platform with distilleries and selected users to make sure we have everything ready for our wide-release launch. We are also gearing up for a limited release of our platform to some early adopters who want to participate before this date. We will let those with early access know as soon as we're up and running.
  • How do I get started?
    We are currently accepting people to sign up to our limited initial release. We will contact you if you have been successful this time around. If not, we will prioritise you for our later releases.
  • Can anyone invest?
    We have created BitCask to open up the world of whisky investment and cask ownership, however, there are limitations to who can sign up. We allow those who are of drinking age in their respective countries to sign up as long as they meet our regulatory approval with submission of a KYC (Know Your Customer). Once verified, you're good to go.
  • Are 582% returns likely?
    No. Well, we don't think so. While the number has been used to promote whisky investment, the number comes from the very rarest of whiskies. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. There are very good returns made from whisky investment and, as most will tell you, time is your friend. As an alternative source of investment it is a fantastic opportunity and BitCask will allow for more individuals to enter the market with our goal of profit for the many, not the few.
  • What are my Exit Options
    For investment purposes, BitCask will sell on casks at auction or to private sellers/bottlers at the end of the listed maturation date and pass on proceeds to those holding the relevant shares. Packages are also available with the view to bottle your casks for your own collection or consumption. We will also have a secondary market within the platform to host a vibrant exchange of bottles and casks. This means that if you need to liquidate your assets (shares in a cask or even shares for bottling) there is a dedicated area for you to do this. BitCask will also be in the market to purchase back shares at specific dates
  • Is storage and insurance included?
    All information is set out on each cask offering with the storage and insurance policies listed. Typically each cask will include storage and insurance for five or ten years from its filling date.
  • How does the platform work?
    Similar to popular crowdfunding platforms, BitCask acts as your nominee company holding the physical asset for you (the beneficial owner). We will then issue the shareholder a digital proof of ownership, similar to an NFT. All transactions are stored on our dedicated ledger and your person transactions stored in-app with receipt of purchase issued once payment has been made. We have adopted new and emerging technology in order to host a secure platform that allows for buying, selling and gifting of bottles and cask shares.
  • How can I verify my purchase?
    All shareholders of casks or bottle packages will be issued with a digital certificate which includes the unique cask number and surrounding information that links to the exact cask held by the distillery. We work directly with distilleries to make it as easy as possible for users to verify their purchase.
  • What happens if the business fails?
    In the unlikely event that BitCask fails, distilleries will have full access to our ownership ledger detailing who owns what. In the event of the distillery failing, all casks are safely held in government-bonded warehouses to which BitCask has direct access. Distilleries will be able to audit this ledger outside of this to ensure full transparency of the BitCask platform. We will make every attempt to contact current shareholders in the unlikely event that this happens.
  • Where are the physical casks held?
    Casks of whisky currently added to the platform are held at the distillery's bonded warehouse. This is the safest place for them (storage and insurance costs included) and, where stated, can be visited on request. The location of your cask will be clearly stated on your digital certificate.
  • Are there restrictions on my shares?
    Distilleries may have terms and conditions that differ from the next so we have included space for these to be clearly listed. Please ensure you have fully read the distillery terms and conditions set out under each cask listing and get in contact if you have any further questions.
  • Where can I see the cask information?
    Each BitCask listing will have information about the distillery, the specific cask, terms and conditions and links to distillery websites. All information is verified directly by the distillery and has been pre-approved before it is listed.
  • Can I visit the cask I have shares in?
    In short, yes. Each distillery will have their own policies on people visiting the cask they own which we will add to the individual listing. For logistical reasons this will happen on request, simply reference the unique cask number provided in your portfolio.
  • Are there any additional costs associated?
    If you are purchasing shares via BitCask to bottle you may be liable for additional costs. If you wish to purchase a bottling package additional costs (set out in terms and conditions) will be applied - these include excise taxes, VAT and bottling costs. These costs can only be calculated at the point of bottling to determine the volume and alcohol content of the spirit.
  • What about Capital Gains Tax?
    If you are purchasing shares via BitCask to sell on our exchange you are not liable to pay capital gains tax. If you wish to purchase a bottling package additional costs (set out in terms and conditions) will be applied - these include excise taxes, VAT and bottling costs.


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